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Human Rights Reports: Enforced Disappearances Escalating Under Junta Rule in Egypt
Human Rights Reports: Enforced Disappearances Escalating Under Junta Rule in Egypt
Saturday, August 26,2017 23:17

Human rights reports have recently expressed concern about the increasing persistence of enforced disappearances in Egypt under the military junta regime, with the announcement of the death of yet more citizens who were first subjected to forced disappearance.

For several days, families of enforced disappearances have filed complaints with the judicial authorities pressing them to reveal the fate of their relatives. Meanwhile, human rights campaigns have been recently launched, demanding release of all those subjected to enforced disappearances.

In mid-August 2017, some of the 'disappeared' were seen at prosecutors' offices, days or even months after their families demanded to see them.

Moreover, there are cases where the people are coming together to demand release of the disappeared, such as the case of a youth called Khaled Imam, 37, who was forcibly disappeared after his arrest by coup junta forces about six weeks ago.

Activists spoke about this case under the Hashtag #انقذوا_خالد_إمام (Save Khaled Imam), in reference to the usual heinous policies that threaten his life in detention.

The coup regime's Interior Ministry has recently killed many opponents and dissidents, whose forced disappearances were reported by human rights organization a short time ago.
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