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The Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Prominent Leader Essam Al-Erian
The Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Prominent Leader Essam Al-Erian
Friday, August 14,2020 15:35

 The Muslim Brotherhood mourns a dutiful son and a prominent figure, Dr. Essam Mohammed Hussein Al-Erian, one of the group's leaders, a well-known physician and politician, who passed away in Egypt's notorious Aqrab Prison, after 7 years of imprisonment in inhumane conditions.

The Muslim Brotherhood extends its sincere condolences and sympathy to Dr. Essam Al- Erian's family, brothers, students and loved ones around the world, asking God Almighty to 
inspire them all with patience and good consolation, and to grant him peace and happiness in paradise, with other martyrs, the prophets, the good Companions and righteous people. 
Dr. Essam – may God have mercy on him – was a most remarkable person. He was known as a man who spared no time or effort in his scientific, political and trade-union life. He  worked as a physician, specializing in hematology and laboratory medicine, and he obtained a Master's degree in clinical pathology, and registered for a PhD in medicine at Cairo University, but it was hampered by repeated arrests and other acts of harassment by Egypt's security apparatus. 
Dr. Al-Erian did not only study medicine, he obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from Cairo University, a Bachelor of Arts degree from the History Department at the same university in the year 2000. He also studied at Al-Azhar University and obtained a higher-studies degree  in Islamic Law from this prestigious university, and also registered for a diploma in public law at Cairo University. 
Upon joining the Muslim Brotherhood in 1974, he contributed to the revival of the Brotherhood’s activity in  Giza Governorate, became responsible for the Cairo University Student Union, was elected  president of the General Union of Egyptian University Students, and held the secretariat of the Cultural Committee of the Cairo Medical Students’ Union during the period from 1972 to 1977. 
He was elected a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate in 1986, and held the position of Assistant Secretary-General, and formed a popular  organization in support of the people of Palestine, under the name "Professional gatherings  forum for the cause of Palestine".
Dr. Al-Erian was elected as a member of the Egyptian People's Assembly for the legislative term 1987-1990 for the Imbaba district, and was the youngest member of parliament at the  time. However, that was dissolved before the completion of its constitutional term. He was,  then, elected as a member of the post- January Revolution parliament in 2012, and assumed the presidency of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the People's Assembly. 
Dr. Al-Erian was a founding member of the Arab National Islamic Conference, a founding  member of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, and an associate member of the  Arab Organization for Human Rights. He also participated in many cultural and political  seminars and conferences worldwide, in Europe, the USA, and the Arab and Muslim world. 
He was elected a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau, and took charge of the group’s political office, before the establishment of the Freedom and Justice Party, for which he was elected Secretary General and Vice President. 
The memory of the Rabaa Massacre could not fail to remember the knight of the sit-in (Dr. Essam Al-Erian) with his soul flying free, liberated from the cages of the military jails, rejoicing in meeting his Lord, and hopeful of his brothers' steadfastness until they all meet before God, on the day of 
ultimate justice and fair retribution.   
The Muslim Brotherhood
August 13, 2020

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