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by: Omar Ashour 2012-12-19
After decades of abuse under the old regime, how can the civilian government of President Mohamed Morsi turn Egypt’s security apparatus into one befitting a new democracy? What are the necessary steps in overcoming institutional barriers to reform and creating an Egyptian police force in the service of its citizens?..

by: Shadi Hamid and Salman Shaikh 2012-12-19
Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have all held relatively successful elections, ushering in parliaments and governments with popular mandates...

by: Shadi Hamid 2011-4-28
It always seemed as if Arab countries were ‘on the brink.’ It turns out that they were. And those who assured us that Arab autocracies would last for decades, if not longer, were wrong...

by: Shadi Hamid 2011-3-9
The Brotherhood, in its current form, will not run in the coming elections. It is forming a new “Freedom and Justice Party,” which will be administratively separate from the Brotherhood, opening its doors to new members outside the movement. What form will the new party take and what will exactly will it want?..

The Arab world has proven stubbornly resistant to democratic change...

Later this month, Egyptians will go to the polls, or attempt to, in order to vote in the country’s parliamentary elections...

by: Shadi Hamid 2010-9-23
In an interview with Voice of America News, Shadi Hamid discusses the recent announcement of Egypt's al-Ghad Party to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections...

by: Shadi Hamid 2010-8-14
Today, some of the Middle East’s most prominent Islamist groups are in a state of crisis, racked by internal divisions and struggling to respond to regime repression. With key U.S. allies in the region placing increasingly crippling limits on political opposition...