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by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-1

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-13

Egypt Home Site
The candidate of the National Democratic Party in  el-Tebeen district, of Giza governorate, who will vie for run-off election against the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Ali Fattah el-Bab, is from el-Mansora governorate. He groups about 2000 of the residents of his village to vote for him in the reelection, due to be held on Nov.15th. In other words, they will vote..

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-16
30 out of 42 candidates of the Moslem Brotherhood win the run-off election of the first phase of the parliamentary election. Thus, the MB obtains 34 seats out of total 164 of this stage, at rate of 20.7%...

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-16

Egypt: Bullying And Vote-Buying in the Run-off Elections
The polling stations of the Egyptian Parliamentary run-off elections have closed at 7:00 pm (Cairo timing). Many irregularities have been recorded during the run-off on the part of the NDP candidates. The irregularities included vote-buying – 500 pounds for a single vote- particularly in Naser City and Heliopolis constituenc..

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-19

10.000 in Female Backing Gatherings for the MB

Dr. Makarm el-Deary, the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee in Nasser City, participated in the four female gatherings arranged, on Nov.17, to support the Moslem Brotherhood candidates in Alex.


These four massive assemblies were organized at the districts of el-Ramel, el-Montzah, Kharbal and Krmoz, each  was attended b..

by: Ikhwan web, 2005-11-20

In Isma’lia an Agent of the MB Nominee is stabbed 

Stage 2 parliamentary election in al Isma’ilia
In an incident, which gives an overview as well as an insight into events of the first day of stage 2, and summarise th..

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-21
The governement detained last night 450 active and influential members of the MB ahead of today’s elections. Such move is nothing but expected as those who were used to falsify elections could not take in the losses that they achieved in the first stage of the elections which it finished last week; therefore the governement returned to its old tactics of crashing any opposition that it h..

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-21

Continuation of Frauds

 The second round of the parliamentary vote is a new episode in the series of rigging. The chairman of the general electoral commission in Damanhor district announced the nominee of the National Democratic Party, Mustafa el-Feqy, who got 6.000 votes, as winner despite of the immense margin between him and the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate, Gamal Heshmat, who..

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-22

Review of the Egyption press about Elections

Egypt’s opposition al-Wafd daily reported Monday unregistered "mentally handicapped" voters cast their ballots in the country’s second round of legislative elections.

The liberal paper, owned by al-Wafd Party, said an independent local rights group reported the "mentally retarded" were brought to vote in favor of the Preside..

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-23

The Muslim Brotherhood achieved unprecedented gains in the ongoing Egyptian parliamentary election where it won 47 parliamentary seats and still have the chance to gain maybe more than the double of this number...

by: Ikhwan Web, 2005-11-25

The NDP Pays Thugs £500 a Day

We are informed that Ibrahem el-Gogory, the National Democratic Party’s candidate in el-Mansoura constituency, of the Nile Delta governorate Daqhliya, made a deal with a gang, by which each team of thugs is paid £500 daily, in return for intimidating the supporters of his competitor, the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee, on the polling day of the third stage o..